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Cough Cool "Safe at Home"

Tracklist: My Favorite Mistake (Sheryl Crow) / Come Around / Go / Wash Me Down (Ween) / No School / Better Now / Angelisco / Watchdog / Radio / Twine St.

Recorded In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Brooklyn, New York / New Hope, Pennsylvania 

Gear: Fender Jazz Bass / Fender Toronado / Peavey T-60 / Roland SP-555 / Digitech RP150 / Zoom R-8 (8-track) / Rhythm King MRK–1 / Casio SA-46 / The Devil Bag

Release Date: February 11th, 2019

Catalog No.: PB025

Art: Andrew Hassell

Cough Cool is Dan Svizeny and Jon Mack (Bill Martin plays guitar on My Favorite Mistake and Wash Me Down. Without him, those songs would not exist.)

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