Lee Noble "The Hell of You Come In"

Tracklist: Taurus Moon Woman / The Hell of You Come In / Snaking Branch / A Cape of Leadwort / Elektra / Working / Mountain Operations / Smoking Pitch

Recorded In: Los Angeles, California / Eagle Rock, California

Gear: Moog Source / Korg MS–10 / Korg SQ–1 / Yamaha SK–10 / Sequential Circuits Six–Trak / Modular synthesizer / Delay pedals / Manipulated cassette tape / Guitar / Samples / Voice / Percussion

Release Date: October 27th, 2017

Catalog No.: PB007

Art: Mike Krol

Recorded by Matt Wenzel at Obscurity Studios.  Additional vocals by Olive Midori Kimoto, Geneva Skeen & Jacqueline Steele on "A Cape of Leadwort" and "Elektra".  Processing on "Smoking Pitch" provided by Derek Rogers.