The Interest Group "Wins"

Tracklist: Soul Kiss (For Allies to Be) / ...Connection... / Master & Margarita / Eyes they Shine / (Post-Collegiate) Summer Sun / Sharing You / Losing Streak / Coming Off / All the While

Recorded In: Philadelphia, PA 

Gear: Fender Telecaster / Fender Precision bass / Sunn Sorado amplifier / Hagstrom II  / Tone King Imperial amplifier / Ampeg Gemini II / Atlas semi-hollow (Japanese) / Music Man 2x10, Moog / MF 104-M Analog Delay / Acid Fuzz Sonic Boom / Boss ME-50 / Pedals

Release Date: December 8th, 2017

Catalog No.: PB009

Art: Yohsuke Araki

Recorded by Brian Ziprin